Luigi is an urban and planner. As an independent contractor, he charges a $140 fee plus $25 per hour for each contract with the city. Write a function to represent this scenario where y represents the total amount he charges for a project and x represents the number of hours worked on the project. What was the amount he earned after 10 hours?

Amount of money charged by Luigi as fees = $140
Hourly rate of Luigi for each contract = $25
In the question there are more important information’s already provided. Let us write them down first.
Total amount charged by Luigi for a project = y
Number of hours worked on the project by Luigi = x
Then the equation can be written as
y = 140 + 25x
The amount earned by Luigi after 10 hours = 140 + (25 * 10) dollars
                                                                     = 140 + 250 dollars
                                                                     = 390 dollars
So the amount earned by Luigi after 10 hours is $390.