Solve they system of equations by graphing x+2y=6, 2x+4y=36

You won’t have to graph these equations in order to solve them.

Ok, x+2y=6, therefore x=6-2y.

2x+4y=36, so plug the value x (in terms of y) right into this equation.


12-4y+4y=36. 12 is not equal to 36 so the problem breaks down.

\( \left\{\begin{array}{ccc}x+2y=6\\2x+4y=36\end{array}\right.\\====================\\\\x+2y=6\\y-intercept\ (x=0)\\0+2y=6\\2y=6\\y=3\to(0;\ 3)\\x-intercept\ (y=0)\\x+2(0)=6\\x=6\to(6;\ 0)\\- \)

\( 2x+4y=36\\y-intercept\ (x=0)\\2(0)+4y=36\\4y=36\\y=9\to(0;\ 9)\\x-intercept\ (y=0)\\2x+4(0)=36\\2x=36\\x=18\to(18;\ 0) \)

\( The\ graph\ on\ the\ picture. \\\\Th lines\ are\ parallel. \ Conclusion: NO\ SOLUTION \)