Does a polygon have more sides or angles?

Quadrilateral, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, etc are polygons
it depends on what kind of shapes like how many sides
but ex : rectangle has more sides than triangles so some of them yes, and some of them, no

I think you’re asking:  "Which does a polygon have more of. sides or angles?"

This is a perfect example of where you spent more time and effort
posting your question on the internet than what it would take you
to answer it for yourself.

Can you draw a picture of a triangle? 
You’ll see it has 3 sides and 3 angles.

Can you draw a picture of a square? 
You’ll see it has 4 sides and 4 angles.

Can you draw a picture of a shape with 5 sides? 
You’ll see that it has 5 angles.

Can you draw a shape with 6 sides (like s STOP sign)?
You’ll see that it has 6 angles.

By now, you would be getting the crazy hunch that maybe the
sides and angles of a polygon always happen in the same number.  
THEN you would get on Brainly and ask: "I have been working
with some polygons, and I noticed that every polygon I tried had
the same number of angles as it had sides.   Is this always true
for any polygon?"

If I saw that question, I would jump on it with joy, because it feels
so good to help someone who doesn’t mind putting some of his
own time and effort into a question.

I would answer "YES !", and then find 15 other characters to fill the minimum.