The student council at King High School is planning a winter dance. The function rule, p=15t-700, shows the relationship between the profit p, in dollars, and the number of tickets sold, t, for the dance.
a)In the function rule, p=15t-700,
(I) what is the practical meaning of 15?

(ii) what is the practical meaning of 700?

(I) The 15 represents the money earned for each ticket sold
          In other words the 15 is the cost of each ticket.

(II) The 700 represents the costs inquired when organizing the dance
            In other words. how much it costs to throw the dance.

Since t is the number of tickets and the function shows profit we know that every step on the left has some aspect to do with the profit. for ever ticket (t) sold there is an addition of 15 dollars. or for every 1 ticket sold $15 is earned. or each ticket costs 15 dollars

The -700 shows that 700 dollars must be subtracted from the total income from selling tickets. since this is looking for profit which is income-costs and we have already determined that 15t represents the income we know that the 700 must represent the costs of throwing the dance.

Same welldone son you have done very good