For an average adult the surface area of the skin is about 19,000 square cm and the thickness of the skin ranges from about 0.5mm to 4mm. To put this in perspective, this page has anapproximate area of 630sq cm. How many A4 pages would cover an average adult?

That’s not actually true for "this page", but I know what you mean.

19,000 / 630 = about 30 sheets of A4 paper to cover an average adult’s body.

You may be on to a new fashion trend here.

You don’t need the 0.5mm or the 4mm at all. The question is simply asking: How many sheets of 630-sq-cm each do you need in order to cover 19,000 sq cm?

An AHA peeling solution has pH of 3.83 what would be the percentage available acid 3%(pH3) glycolic and the percentage of salt? Could you me its really urgent