Find the area of the figure to the nearest tenth
A. 8.2 in. 2
B. 74.2 in. 2
C. 148.4 in. 2
D. 23.6 in. 2

That’s a part of a circle that has a radius of 9 inches.

Area of any circle = (pi) x (radius)²

Area of the full circle that this is a piece of = (pi) x (9)² = (81 pi)  square inches.

That’s the whole circle.   How much of the whole circle is in the picture?

A whole circle has 360 degrees in the middle. This piece has 105 degrees in the middle.
This piece is ( 105/360 ) of the whole circle.

So the area of the piece is (105/360) x (81 pi) = 74.22 square inches (rounded)