A light plane flew from its home base to an airport 255 miles away. With a head wind, the trip took 1.7 hours. The return trip with a tail wind took 1.5 hours. Find the average airspeed of the plane and the average windspeed

The speed from home base to airport was:
\( v=255miles/1.7h\ /:1.7\\v=150mph \)
The speed from airport to home base was:
\( v=255miles/1.5h\ /:1.5\\v=170mph \)
Average speed of plane was:
\( \frac{170mph+150mph}{2}=160mph \)
Average speed of wind was:
\( x\ -\ wind\ speed\ (mph)\\150+x=170-x\ /+x\\150+2x=170\ /-150\\2x=20\ /:2\\x=10 \)
Answer: Average speed of plane was 160mph and average speed of wind was 10mph.

: D

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