At a school choir concert 256 students are standing in rows. if the number of students in each row is equal to the total number of rows find the number of students in each row

(16 rows) x (16 students/row) = 256 students.  

i know that it is 16 students per row but with it being a word problem i am lost on how to set up the problem to show the work any help?

’S’ = students in each row. ’R’ = number of rows. We’re given that (S x R) = 256. But the problem tells us that " S = R ". So (S x S) = 256. S-squared = 256. According to the math, ’S’ can be either +16 or -16, but -16 doesn’t make sense in the real world, so just throw it away. S = 16, and we know that R = S, so R = 16 too. This is the most formal solution you can get. It’s so formal, it squeaks.