What is 6=radical v-2

Do you mean that only the ’v’ is inside the radical?
Or is (v-2) inside the radical?

Let’s say. 6 = √(v-2)

Square each side of the equation:

36 = v - 2

Add 2 to each side:

38 = v

it would be just v-2 inside the radical no parenthesis

OK. I’m just trying to find out whether v-2 or just v is inside the radical. I think you’re saying that v-2 is. I just used the parentheses to show that. There are a bunch of symbols here that you can use when you’re answering a question. I don’t know what symbols you can use when you’re asking, because I’ve never asked a question on this site. Anyway, since the v-2 is all inside the radical, the answer I wrote works. V is 38. Try it. Put 38 in place of V.