Which three measurements could be the lengths of the sides of a triangle?
A. 5cm,3cm,9cm
B. 5cm,2cm,7cm
C. 5cm,2cm,2cm
D. 5cm,3cm,7cm

A). No. Even end-to-end, the 5 and the 3 couldn’t cover the 9.

B). Technically yes, but not really. End-to-end, the 5 and the 2 would lay down
right on top of the 7.  It would be a triangle with two angles of 0° and one angle
of 180°.  The base would be 7, the height would be zero, and the whole thing
would just look like a piece of line.

C). No. Even end-to-end, the 2 and the other 2 couldn’t cover the 5.

D). Yes. A cute little scalene triangle.

\( a, b, c-lengts\ of\ the\ sides\ of\ a\ triangle\\\\If\ a\leq b\leq c\ then\ a+b > c\\\\A. \\5+3=8\not>9-NO\\B. \\5+2=7\not>7-NO\\C. \\2+2=4\not>5-NO\\D. \\5+3=8 > 7-YES \)

\( Answer: D \)