Factor: 6x+36= problem


You need to find a common divisor of both numbers( 6 and 36).
In this case 6 is of course divisible by 6 and 36 is also divisible by 6.
So you divide 6x by 6 we are left with an x and if you divide 36 by 6 we are left with 6.
So factored is: x+6

Well you cant really solve that because it doesnt equal anything, however, you can factor it. In factored form it would be 6(x+6). If the equation was 6x+36=0 then you subtract 36 on both sides and get 6x=-36. Then you divide by 6 and x=-1

No this is wrong. You would need to show the 6 that you divided by in the final answer. So because they both share a factor of 6, you pull it out and get 6(x+6). This way, when you distribute (checking answer) you get the original 6x+36