A department store is having a 55% off sale on all sport coats. If you have a coupon for an additional 10% off of any item, how much will a $230.00 sport coat cost?
(Hint: First find the sale price of the sport coat and then take the coupon discount off of the sale price. )

You times 230.00 dollars and 0.55 and then your answer is 126.50, then you subtract 230.00 dollars and 126.50 and then your answer is 103.50, then you times 103.50 and 0.10 and then your answer is 10.35 and then you do finally is subtract 103.50 and 10.35 and then your get 93.15 and your answer is 93.15

First, you add 55% +10% which equals 65%

Second, you find 65% of 230. Turn 65% into a decimal, which is 0.65. Then multiply 230 times 0.65 which is 149.5.

Third, subtract 230-149.5 which equals 80.5.
The sport coat is $80.50


your wrong, you know why because you have to first find the sale percent that is 55% and times it 230.00 and then subtract what you got on your answer and then when you get your answer then you find the discount percent that its 10% and then you multiply 230.00 and then after what you got you subtract it 103.50 and 10.35 and your final answer is 93.15

i meant multiply 10% and 103.50

thank you both for helping my im new too you are both helpful thank you every much im only 13 im new on this