Dave can drive 160 miles on a tank of gas. Approximately how many tanks of gas will he need to drive 880 miles?

How many times does he have to drive 160 miles in order to cover 880?

880/160 = 5.5 times

He’ll need  5 complete tanks of gas, and 1/2 of another one.

\( 160\ miles\ \rightarrow\ \ 1\ tank\ of\ gas\\880\ miles\ \rightarrow\ x\\\\160\cdot x=880\ /:160\\\\x= \frac{880}{160} \ \ \ \Rightarrow\ \ x= \frac{11}{2} \ \ \ \Rightarrow\ \ x= 5.5\\\\Ans. \ 5.5\ tank\ of\ gas \)

That is correct; however, approximately means you have to estimate the numbers. (160 and 880) What would you round those numbers to?

those numbers will be rounded to 6

It feel’s pretty goofy to me to approximate numbers when you have the exact values. Dave will have to fill the tank of his car at least 6 times.

I totally agree. Then somehow they managed to round 160 to 150. Does that make sense to you?

Not at all. The "160" is given in the question and we can’t change it. The only thing that’s supposed to be approximate (look carefully at the question) is the number of tanks of gas.

I have another question. Is it possible to round 160 to 150?

I knew it! That’s what they did in that math problem. I was so confused. I think that it was a misprint. I believe what they meant is 150 instead of 160.