The manager if a movie theater found that Saturday’s sales were $3675. He knew that a total of 650 tickets were sold Saturday. Adult tickets cost $7.50, and children’s tickets cost cost $4.50. How many of each kind of ticket were sold?

We can write a system of equations:

7.50a + 4.50c = 3675
a + c = 650

Where ’a’ is adult tickets, and ’c’ is children tickets.

Solve this and we get (250, 400). So there were 250 adult tickets sold, and 400 children tickets sold.

I just want to point out that the ordered pair (250, 400) stands for what A and C represent. in an ordered pair, you put the letter that comes first in the alphabet. Half the time, it will be (x, y). But in this case its (a, c). This confused me when I first learned it so I just wanted to make sure it was clear