Find 2 solutions of the equation y=3x-5

- point  (1,2)

- point  (10, 25)

Pick any number and plug it in as x. Ex: 4.
So the equation will now be y=3(4)-5
Next do 3 times 4 which equals 12.
After that do 12-5 which equals 7. 
After you do that the equation will look like: y=7
Now take the x and y values and put it as a point: (4,7)

==> Pick any simple number you like. ==> Write it in place of ’x’ in the equation. ==> Figure out what ’y’ is. ==> You have one solution. ==> Rinse and repeat, as many times as you want. There are an infinite number of them, so you’ll never run out. Each one is a single point on the graph of Y = 3x - 5.

(1,2) (2,1)