The decimal number 14.75 is an example of an irrational number.



FALSE. An irrational number is a real number that can’t be written as a simple fraction. So your exemple is rational. PS: pi is a irrational number for exemple

An irrational number cannot be written as a simple fraction like 34/73 or a/b.   the number in decimal form, does not end because if it did end, you could write it as that number over one, 0.66666. is rational because it is equivelent to 2/3

pi is irrational because it cannot be represented by a simple fraction. we can aproxamate pi at 22/7, but 22/7 divided out doesn’t end so it is not the whole pi

so the answer is False since 14.75 cand be written as 14.75/1 or 1475/100