A garden snail moves 1/6 foot in 1/3 hour. find the speed of the snail in feet per hour.

First, find a common denominator. In this equation, 6 works.
The feet moved stays the same, since the denominator is already 6.
The time spent changes to 2/6 hour instead of 1/3 hour. It’s still the same time, just a different way of writing it.
So, we have 1/6 foot per 2/6 hour. Now, we multiply it to make it whole.
2x3=6, which would make the hour whole (6/6). So, we multiply the 1 in the 1/6 by 3, and we get 3/6.
This can be simplified to 1/2, because 3 goes into 3 and 6 (once into 3, and twice into 6.)
Meaning, the speed of the garden snail is 1/2 foot per hour.