What is the simplified form of the following expression? 6c^2 + 2.5d - d + 2c^2 - 3d

For this you have to combine like terms, so the answer is:


The simplest form would be:

8c² - 1.5d


To simplify an expression, we need to gather the like terms.

Like terms are the ones having the same variable raised to the same power

In the given expression:

6c² + 2.5d - d + 2c² - 3d

We have terms having c² and terms having d.

Therefore, we would gather them as follows:

6c² + 2.5d - d + 2c² - 3d

(6+2)c² + (2.5-1-3)d

8c² - 1.5d. > This is the simplest form