The length of a rectangle is 3 feet less than twice the width of the rectangle. if the perimeter of the rectangle is 324 feet, find the width and the length?

Ok you should start by drawing a rectangle for the width you just label x and for the length it will be labeled 2x-3 because it’s 3 ft less than twice the width now you need to know that you find perimeter by adding up all the sides so do that but I prefer multiplying each side by 2 because in a rectangle each side repeats twice so this is how I would solve it
2x+4x-6=324. Distributing
6x-6=324. Adding like terms
+6. +6
6x=330. Now divide by 6
Now are width we labeled as just x so we plug that in and our width is 55 ft
Now we have to plug in 55 for our equation we made for the length
110-3=107ft for your length