Each morning papa noted the birds feeding on his birdfedder. So far this month he had seen 59 blue jays,68 black crows, 12 red robins and 1 cardinal. If 300 birds visits papas birdfeeder, how many bluejays can we expect to see.

To solve this question, you need to first look at the total amount of birds and then at the percentage of the blue jays that fed on the bird feeder out of all the other birds.
To calculate the total you add them all together:
59+68+12+1 = 140 birds 
Then the percentages of the blue jays that fed on his bird feeder are:
59/140 *100 = 42.143%
You want to see how many blue jays we can expect to see out of 300 birds.  
So you divide 300 by 100 to see what 1% is = 3 birds 
Then you multiply this amount (1% = 3 birds) by 42.134% which is the percentage of blue jays we can expect to see out of the 300 birds.  
3*42.134 = 126.43 
You round this off to 126 because you cant expect to see half a bird. Even if the answer had been 126.9, you would have rounded it of to 126 because no matter how close it is to the next whole number; you either have a whole bird or you don’t.
Final Answer = 126