A theater technician charges a $200 flat fee and 5% of all profits from ticket sales per show. If the technician made $400.00 on a show, how much total profit was there from ticket sales?

Flat fee=$200 per show
and 5% of all profits from ticket sales.
Total earnings on a show = $400
Flat fee=$200
Therefore, 5% of profit=$400-$200
5% of profit from ticket sales = $200  
Let the profit from ticket sales be ’x. ’
\( \frac{5}{100}*x=200 \\ 5x=200*100 \\ 5x=20000 \\ x= \frac{20000}{5} \\ x=4000 \)

Therefore there was a total profit of $4000 from the ticket sales.

He made $200 to start with, and then another $200 from the shows profits. 5% is 1/20 of 100, therefore if you multiply 200 by 20, the total profits if the show was 4000 dollars, plus the money that the technician is payed to start with, making 4200 dollars in total profit