What values of x make the inequality −5x−7>3x+1 true?
Can someone explain this to me? Im not really looking for solution I want to understand that to do some exercises on my own, please with that

This is same as equal sign but different
When ur x is negative and when u divide the sign changes to the opposite like from greater than to less than
Therefore x<-1 means all values of x must be below -1 like -2

What values of x make the inequality −5x−7>3x+1 true?

Ok, so you need to make the inequality true. And the way you are asked to do that is to choose a value for x. (choose a number for x) 

Ok, so right now if we solve the equation - −5x−7>3x+1 the answer would be:
35x > 3x + 1

Well right now the equation is already true if you remove the x variable.
So any number that is positive would continue to make the variable true.
so x > 1 would keep the equation true.

. The example is kind of unhelpful. Do you have another one we could try?