A teacher wants to give 3 markers to
each of her 25 students. Markers come
in packages of 8. How many packages of
markers will the teacher need?

First, find out how many markers in total the teacher will need.  
\( 25*3=75 \)
Then, find out how many packages the teacher will need by dividing by 8 because that’s how many are in each package.
\( \frac{75}{8}=9.375 \)
Now because there is a remainder of. 375 that tells us that there are not enough markers in 9 packages to give all students 3 each.

She will have to buy an additional package to give every student 3 markers each.  

10 Packages are needed.

Teacher wants to give 3 markers to each of 25 students. To find how much markes she need we have to multiply 3*25, so 3*25=75

Finally we can find how many packages she need. To get the answer we have to divide 75 by 8, so
Now we have to round up because we cant buy 9.3 packages. The final result its 10.