Factor 2x^2+5x-12

So you find out what two numbers add up to 5 and multiply to make -12
so since -12 is negative we know that the two numbers have to be diffarent signs (- times+=-) 

also we see that the X^2 term is 2x^2 so we can use the 2
so the factored out form is
because the 2x times -4=-8x
the 3 times the x=3x
add them together and get 3x+(-8x)or 5x which is our middle term
and -4 times 3 =-12 which is our last term


multiply -12 by two to get -24

what goes into -24 and adds to make 5?3 and 8

so the equation is 2X^2 + 8X -3X -12

this can cancel down to 2X(X+4)-3(X+4)

gather the terms to get (2X-3)(X+4)