Divide 2.4 by 40? can someone please show some work so I can try to understand the answer

You need to move the decimal so make it 24. divide it by 30 

Okay so you need to do this using fractions, well that’s what I learnt anyway. So start off with the thing you want to divide on top and the thing you’re dividing by on the bottom. 2.4 - 40 (Sorry but that is the only way to show working) Now you change the decimal into a whole number by multiplying it by 10. If the number was 2.44 then it would times by 100. 24 - 40 Now times 40 by 10 because whatever operation you apply to the top, you need to apply to the bottom. 24 - 400 So now you just do 24 divided by 400 which is. 0.06 I hope this (long) explanation helped

Why divide it by 30 though?

sorry i met 40

Would the answer be 0.6

it is 0.8