Jessica is making 2 loaves of banana bread. She needs 3/4 cup of sugar for each loaf. Her measuring cup can only hold 1/4 cup of sugar. How many times will Jessica need to fill the measuring cup in order to get enough sugar for both loaves of bread?

so 6 pours


6 times


1- getting the number of times required for one loaf:

We know that:

The loaf requires 0.75 of a cup of sugar

The cup can hold 0.25 cup of sugar

To know the number of times required to get the needed amount, we will simply do cross multiplication as follows:

1 time. > 0.25 of a cup

? times. > 0.75 of a cup

Number of times for one loaf = \( \frac{0.75*1}{0.25} \) = 3 times

2- getting the number of times required for two loaves:

We have calculated that one loaf requires filling the measuring cup 3 times, this means that:

2 loaves would require filling the cup 2*3 = 6 times