Tabitha has 4 music files each with 9 songs in it. she is dividing the songs into 7 groups. if each of group will have the same number of songs how many songs will be leftover

To find how many songs she has in total you would need to multiply 9x4 which will equal 36. Now you multiply 9x4 because she has 4 music files which have 9 songs in each so 9+9+9+9= 36. So now you need to find how many times 7 goes into 36 to find this you divide 36 by 7 which will give you 5 times maximum. 7x5= 35, you cant use 6 because 7x6 = 42 which is too much. So you know now that 7x5= 35 and you have 36 songs total so now you have to subtract : 36-35 which will give you 1. You have one song left over :)

OKay well first you have multiply, so 4 x 9 = 36. Now you have to try to find how many songs will fit into 7 groups. So 5 is the maximum number for each group. cause 5 x 7 equals 35. But if you try to do 6,        6 x 7 which equals 42 which is too much, so 5 in each group. Now we have to try to find how many are left over, so we subtract, 36-35 equals 1. So you have one song over.  
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