A function is created to represent the balance on a credit card each month. What restrictions would be made to the range?

A)The range would only include integers.
B)The range would only include positive integers.
C)The range would only include negative integers.
D)The range would include all real numbers.

It could include all real numbers, really. If you have +$130 you could use them to pay for something. If you have -$27.5 you need to pay this sum to the bank, since you overused your credit.

Option D gives the correct answer

A Range of a function is defined as the set of All the output values. If a function is created to represent the amount of money in your checking account then the range will represent the amount that you have in your account at the current time.

The output of this function can be positive, negative or zero. If you draw more amount that you have in your account, than you have overdrawn the your account balance will show up as negative.  If you have zero balance in your account, then the function have the value 0. And in case of positive balance, the function will return a positive range.  

So, could include all Real numbers. The answer is real numbers and not integers because the account balance can also be in decimals.