If the radius of the base of the cone, r, is 2 feet and the height, h, is 12 feet, what is the volume of the cone?

For a cone, the equation for volume would be
V = π r^2 h/3.

( volume = pi x radius squared x height / 3)

To find the volume for this question, you would set up the equation like this:

V = π x 2^2 x 12 / 3

Then, following the order of operation, you would do the following:

V = π x 4 x 12 / 3

(You get the 4 from 2 squared)

V = π x 4 x 4

(You get the second 4 from dividing 12 by 3)

V = π x 16

(You get 16 from multiplying 4 and 4)

V = 16π

(You get 16π from multiplying 16 and π, and the number is always in front of the π, so you would never get a π16, it would only be 16π)

So, your volume would be 16π, which is answer D.

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