Andrew believes the honor roll students at his school have an unfair advantage in being assigned to the math class they request. He asked 500 students at his school the following questions: "Are you on the honor roll?" and "Did you get the math class you requested?" The results are shown in the table below:
Andrew determine if all students at his school have an equal opportunity to get the math class they requested. Show your work and explain your process for determining the fairness of the class assignment process.

                                                            Honor roll Not on honor roll Total
Received math class requested        315               64                   379
Did not get math class requested        41               80                   121
Total                                                        356             144                   500 
Honor roll: request granted: 315/356 = 0.88 x 100% = 88%
Not Honor roll request granted: 64/144 = 0.44 x 100% = 44%
Honor roll students were given preference in granting request than those not in the honor roll.