Henry can ride his bike 23 miles in 2 hours. The store is six miles away. About hoe long should it take Henry to ride his bike to the store?

It would take Henry about 0.52 hours.

Or 13/25 hours if you needed it in fraction form

how would it be 0.52 hours the choices are 1/2 hour 1 hour,1 1/2 hours,2 hours

You would round 0.52 to 0.50, which is one half, or ½ hour.

0.52 is close enough to 0.50, so I’m pretty sure that ½ hour is the answer.

Ok, so if Henry can ride 23 miles in 2 hours, then to find how far he can ride in one hour just divide 23 by 2. 23/2 = 11.5. So, Henry rides 11.5 miles/hour. Then take the distance he rode (six miles) and divide it by his speed. 6/11.5 = 0.52. Does that make sense?