ok with my homework and its due tom. so if possible answer :

find the decimal of the fraction and say if its a terminating decimal or a repeating decimal




write each number as a decimal [don’t say if its a terminating or repeating decimal]

11 1/6

2 9/10

8 23/100

7 13/15

54 3/11

3 1/18

3 2/3

12 7/8

and that will be all

if you answerewd it you deserve it

To find out the decimal form of a fraction, just divide the numerator by the denominator (ex:1/25=.04) Terminating means it stops eventually but repeating just means it keeps on going.

To find out whether it’s a repeating or a terminating decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator.

For mixed numbers, multiply the denominator by the whole number and the numerator to that number. Use that number over as the numerator over the new fraction and use the same method above.