A cylinder has a diameter of 14 centimeters and a volume of 112 pi cubic centimeters. What is the height, in centimeters, of the cylinder

Diameter of the cylinder = 14 centimeters
Radius of the cylinder = (14/2) centimeters
                                    = 7 centimeters
Volume of the cylinder = 112 π cubic centimeters.
Let us assume the height of the cylinder = h
Volume of the cylinder = π (Radius)^2 h
112π = π * (7)^2 * h
Dividing both sides with π, we get
112 = 49 h
h = 112/49
   = 2.285 centimeters
So the height of the cylinder in question is 2.285 centimeters.

It’s a multiple choice question so it has to be 1 out of these 4 answers

a)16 b)4 c)16/7 d)4/7 which one is it

The correct option is option "c" and that is 16/7

Like 4 more maybe