You have been asked to build a scale model of a restaurant out of bottle caps. The restaurant is 20 feat tall. Your scale is 2.4 cm : 1 foot. About how many bottle caps tall will your model be?

(20x2.4)/1.2=40 bottle caps tall

You are out of bottle caps and decide to use popsicle sticks instead. You measure them and they are 15.2 cm. Tall. How many popsicle sticks tall will your model be?

20x2.4cm=48cm/15.2cm=3.1578947368 popsicle sticks

A room in a house is shown on a blue print. The blueprint has a scale of 5in. A wall in the same blueprint is 30in. how long is the actual wall a?

Also a door in the room has a width of 4ft. What is the width of the door in the blueprint? There is also a scale where I have to fill In the missing numbers. Blueprint length (in) 5/10/ /20/ / /

Actual legnth (ft) 8/16/24/ /40/48