What is 1345/99 to the nearest integer(I need to be walked through step by step in full detail without a calculator).

ok so remember that
\( \frac{x+y}{y} + \frac{z}{y} +\frac{x}{y} \)
\( \frac{x}{x}=1 \)
we normally split it up into a mixed fractio (examle, 3/2=1 and 1/2)
so find how many 99’s are in 1345 (find 1’s and simplify using first thing)
99 is like 100 so
how many 100’s fit in 1345
aprox 13
so 99 times 13=99 times (10+3)=990+300-3=1287
so 13 ones=1287/99
so nowe we find the remainder
\( \frac{1345}{99}=\frac{1287}{99}+ \frac{58}{99}=13+\frac{58}{99} \)
so we round \( \frac{58/99} \) to nearest integer (counting number)
we see if 58/99 is more than 1/2 or less
99 is like 100
100’s half way point=50
58>50 by alot so therefor 58/99>1/2 so round up
answer is 14

Your a life saver, i had to go over your explanation about 4 or 5 times before i i finally understood but still thnx man