What value of X makes this equation true?
3/4x - 1/3x + 5/6x = x + 3

X=12 Remember you must find x and y. To find y, use either one of the two original equations. Substitute the value of x into the equation and find the value of y. Using the first equation, y

X is 12
Its kinda hard to explain but let me put it this way
If you can translate each of the fractions to have the same denomenator then it makes things a lot easier.
First you translate the equation into 9/12x - 4/12x + 10/12x = 12/12x + 3
Then subtract 12/12x from both sides to get 
9/12x - 4/12x + 10/12x - 12/12x = 3
Subtract 9/12x -4/12x = 5/12x
Then add 5/12x to 10/12x = 15/12x 
Then subtract 15/12x - 12/12x = 3/12x 
So you should get 3/12x = 3
which is 1/4x = 3 
Multiply both sides by 4 and you get 
x = 12