3. A group of students attend a math club. Half of the students are boys and | of the boys have brown eyes. What fraction of the group are boys with brown eyes?

 the answer will be 4/18.  it would be 4/18 because If half the students are boys and 4/9 of the boys have brown eyes, that  means that the whole club is 18. You will have to add the two denominators. That  equals the whole. and Since it is asking for the boys with brown eyes out of the whole group you have to put the number of brown eyed boys over the total number of the kids.

The answer would be 4/18,
because if half of the class are boys and 4/9 has brown eyes, you have to multiply 9 by 2 to find the whole number of boys in the class. so it will be 18, and 4 doesn’t change because the number of boys doesn’t change. so your answer is 4/18