In a recent season NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson won 6 of the 36 total races held to the nearest thousand, find the part of races he won

So, the fraction of races that he won was:

\( \frac{6}{36} \) : you need ti divide the number of occurrences by the number of possibilities.

We can simplify this:
\( \frac{1}{6} \).

When we write it in decimals until the closest place, it’s:

0.167 or 16.667%

1.       Jimmie Johnson is a Nascar Driver. Lately he won 6 times within 36 races.
So now, we need to find the part of the races that he won.
We have 6 over 36 as the given numbers
=> 6 / 36 since this is a fraction, we need to convert it into decimals to find the answer.
In converting fraction to decimals, we need to divide the denominator from the  numerator
=> 6 divided by 36
=>  0.16666…. the answer is a repeating number.
Now we only need to round it off to the nearest thousandths
=> 0.167