A large cylinder contains a saline solution for science experiments. The cylinder has a height of 40 mm and a radius of 12 mm. Braddock pours the saline solution into test tubes that each hold 3014 mm3.
How many test tubes can Braddock prepare?
Use 3.14 to approximate pi, and round your final answer to the nearest whole number.

Braddock should prepare 6 test tubes.
height = 40mm
radius = 12 mm
pi = 3.14
volume of test tube = 3014 mm³
We need to get the volume of the cylinder to know how much saline solution it holds.
Volume = π r² h
             = 3.14 * (12mm)² * 40mm
             = 3.14 * 144mm² * 40mm
Volume = 18,086.40 mm³
To get the number of test tubes used: we need to divide the volume of the cylinder by the volume of the test tube.
18,086.40mm³ / 3014mm³ = 6 test tubes.