Theme: End Behavior...
  • Two boys are throwing baseball back and forth the ball is 4 ft above ground when it leaves one child’s hand with an upward velocity of 36 ft/s. If acceleration due to gravity is -16 ft/s squared how high above ground is the ball 2 seconds after it is thrown
  • Joe and Lynn earned 56 tickets for good Behavior in class. Lynn earned six time as many tickets as Joe. how many tickets did Joe and Lynn earn?
  • When a grizzly bear hibernates, its heart rate drops to 10 beats per minute, which is 20% of its normal value. What is a grizzly bear’s normal heart rate when not hibernating?
  • Which of the following observations of children is the most objective? A. Chris took a toy truck from Alex. Alex cried, became angry because Chris took the truck, and then stamped his feet on the floor. He snatched the truck back from Chris, and ran to the caregiver. B. When Ann finished drawing with crayons, she put them back in the box and returned the box to the shelf, whereas Sue, obviously less disciplined, left hers scattered on the table. C. Joan was playing with blocks, building a structure, when Missy joined her. Joan looked afraid because Missy was much larger than she. But she eventually overcame her fear and let Missy play with the blocks. D. Eddie went to the shelf and chose a teddy bear to play with. He took a plastic spoon and bowl and repeatedly moved the spoon from the bowl to the bear’s mouth.
  • A 500 gallon tank initially contains 200 gallons of water with 5 lbs of salt dissolved in it. Water enters the tank at a rate of 2 gal/hr and the water entering the tank has a salt concentration 1/5 (1+ cos t) of lbs/gal. If a well-mixed solution leaves the tank at a rate of 2 gal/hr, how much salt is in the rank when it overflows?
  • What financial behaviors will typically lead to a low credit score? A Maxed out credit cards B Fully paid balances C On-time payments D Long credit history